How Our Shopping Can Impact The World

August 26, 2017

About 2 years ago we sold our home, in 2 weeks. We put a for sale sign outside, like the kind you buy at Lowes, and sold our home 2 weeks later.


We had no place to live. No plan.


So we moved into the little apartment in my in-laws basement. Here we sit… 2 years later.


We went through a LOT of things in the beginning. It felt like we had so many choices. Building or buying or traveling.


We did none of it. ha!


When we first moved into the basement apartment, we thought we would build on the Conrad family farm. Even though we personally owned land on the other side of town, it was difficult for us to move further away from larger towns like New Albany, IN and Louisville, KY. We would date night once a week at a restaurant in these cities and I did my grocery shopping there. Along with that, Jimmy (my husband) worked in Louisville at the time.


So when we first moved we thought seriously about building, and funny enough, raising cattle. While it’s not really funny, my husband grew up on a farm and his brother runs J&A Cattle Co., the point is I did some research on cattle.


I even called a cattle breeder? Is that a thing? I dunno.. lol… but I called him and got info about cattle he sells. I really had no clue what I was doing, but learned a lot. While we were considering this, I also looked into raising organic beef. This became a rabbit hole for me, once I learned how many hoops organic farmers have to jump through in order to actually get the USDA Organic stamp on their foods.


Let’s just say… READ MORE

One Simple Thing You Can Do Today To Stop Feeling “Fat” and Start Feeling Fabulous

June 30, 2017

No ladies.. it’s not wine. Although.. not gonna lie, sometimes that helps. 🙂

I feel fat.

I feel fat, it’s a common phrase among women and culturally accepted. I catch myself saying it when my pants are just a little too tight. Ha! Then I realize, oh they just came out of the dryer.. they will stretch. And they do. But I wasn’t always here at this place.


Back in the day, I would dive into a specific food I deemed as “bad” or “off limits” and then of course, because I believed these foods would make me “fat”, I thought I was “fat”, even though.. I wasn’t.


I feel fat is a phrase that is accepted among women because READ MORE

How To Stop Relying On Meal Plans and Get Your Life Back

June 16, 2017

So apparently..meal plans are still super popular.

I dunno.. I stopped using meal plans years ago. I used to eat from a meal plan, and of course, swap some foods out but the majority of my food was chicken, rice, green veggies, apple, peanut butter, egg whites, oatmeal, and maybe some sugar free syrup. Oh and protein powder. And let’s not forget..meal 1, meal 2, meal 3, meal 4, meal 5.. meal 10,000.

Yuck. Guys.. that is NOT A LIFESTYLE, that is a restricted and regimented way of eating out of total fear that certain foods will make us fat, that we will “slow down our metabolism” if we don’t eat every 2 hours.

I literally believed that I was unhealthy, and a “bad” person, if I did not follow these rules and regulations.

Clean eating does this to women. It is a mindset, or moral code, which causes us to feel guilty when we eat “dirty”. How would I know? I did it. I was it. I was so consumed with how “clean” my foods were that I would stop at nothing to make sure I had these foods on hand 24/7.

I was completely debilitated. I couldn’t make any decisions if I didn’t have a meal plan and a “do not eat this” food list. I couldn’t take my lifestyle into my own hands, and make choices for myself. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t enjoy this.

But am I grateful I went through it?

You bet.

I’m learning that the hard stuff is the good stuff, and the harder and more difficult something is for me, the better. And not because the process has to be hard, or else it’s not worth it. No no. That’s not what I’m saying here. The last thing I want to push out is, go hard and restrict yourself, or go home. #totallyNOTmystyle

What I’m saying is, if I’m a little scared of what will happen to my body, my mindset, my approach, my life, without a meal plan.. then it’s something I need to explore.

Was it hard to throw away my meal plans? Sure. Was I scared? You bet.

But I learned so much, and there was so much FREEDOM in doing that. If you have to ask a coach if you can eat something, if you have to get approval to eat a steak, if you have to rely on someone else to dictate how you eat, workout, and live for your entire life.. that’s not a lifestyle. That’s hell.

And that’s a coach that wants nothing more from you than to be a life long client and completely dependent on someone else.

Guys, I want something different for you. I want you to live and breathe freely, enjoy food, freely without feelings of guilt, shame, or feeling like you need me (as your coach) to tell you what to eat. I want to help you, so you can MOVE ON with life. Not feel stuck in always searching, grabbing, pushing, and perfecting your life.

Which is why I don’t, with any of my clients, tell them exactly what to eat. And if they ask me if they can eat something- the answer is ALWAYS YES. Always, always, always. Or, if you think you will like it, then try it. See how it goes. Nothing is irreversible.

Most of the women reaching out to me lately want to know… how do you stop living off a meal plan?


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